Sunday, April 19, 2009

04-18-09 Depeche Mode Retrospective

Tried to fit in a lot of information in a short amount of time, so apologies if the bio of DM seems a little truncated. However, these are all still great songs. Stream or Download

Depeche Mode - Leave in Silence
Erasure - Ship of Fools
Pet Shop Boys - It's A Sin
Station Break - Depeche Mode - Oberkorn (It's A Small Town)
Depeche Mode - Black Celebration
The Stooges - Dirt
The Velvet Underground - Candy Says
Brian Eno - By This River
Station Break - Depeche Mode - Painkiller
Recoil - Missing Piece
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Loverman
Placebo - I Feel You (Depeche Mode cover)
Depeche Mode - Corrupt


Depeche Mode - Stripped

Depeche Mode - Precious (with mechanical squid and electric angler fish!)

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