Saturday, February 2, 2013


Drinking a bottle glass of wine while listening to the new My Bloody Valentine album, minimally titled MBV. So far the verdict is very good. Obvious comparisons to Loveless will flood the internet in no time I'm sure. And certainly there's enough fuzz, warble and wave to merit it. It is, after all, My Bloody Valentine. That's what we want and what we expect from Kevin Shields and the gang. But there's definitely a lot of new ground being tread here, like joyful whoops and overt electronic instrumentation. Shields is notorious for his perfectionism in the studio and it shines through beautifully here. Though fuzzy and distorted as always, the record is meticulously engineered and it's readily apparent that we're hearing only what they want us to hear. Someone else might criticize them for being too clean or not "raw" enough. If those people want to take a sketch over a masterpiece, let them.
In any case, here's the lush, swoon-y opening track, "She Found Now":

Buy the album here: My Bloody Valentine - MBV