Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beyond the Wall of Sleep 05-12-10

"If your goal of the night was to make anyone who listens to your show depressed as f**k, you succeeded." - Aimee R.

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Low - When I Go Deaf
The Raveonettes - Here Comes the End
Mazzy Star - Wasted
Martin Gore - In My Other World (Julee Cruise cover)
Station Break - Depeche Mode - Esque
Joy Division - Twenty Four Hours
The Damned - I Just Can't Be Happy Today
TSOL - I'm Tired of Life
Love and Rockets - The Dog-End of A Day Gone By
Station Break - This Mortal Coil - Acid, Bitter and Sad
The Psychedelic Furs - Book of Days
Sisters of Mercy - Emma (Hot Chocolate cover)
The Cure - Prayers for Rain
The Smiths - Asleep
Station Break - Gary Numan - Down in the Park (Piano Version)
Lush - Undertow
Placebo - My Sweet Prince
The Magnetic Fields - Meaningless
Junior Boys - When No One Cares (iTunes Session)
Station Break - Gary Numan - Trois Gymnopedies (Erik Satie cover)
Dave Gahan - Down
Depeche Mode - It Doesn't Matter Two
Carissa's Wierd - So You Wanna' Be A Superhero?
Slowdive - So Tired
Garbage - Sleep
Station Break - David Bowie - Warszawa
Iggy Pop - Dum Dum Boys
The Velvet Underground - Candy Says
Nico - You Forgot to Answer
The Witches (featuring Nick Cave) - Shivers

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bonus Video Time

This makes me deliriously happy; Chapterhouse performing "Breather" live:

Beyond the Wall of Sleep 05-05-10

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The Cure - The Figurehead
Bauhaus - God in an Alcove
Christian Death -Burnt Offerings
Station Break - The Cure - The Final Sound
Sonic Youth - Rats
The Stone Roses - Made of Stone
The Sisters of Mercy - When You Don't See Me
Psychic TV - Horror House
Station Break - Plateau - Creeper
Massive Attack - Daydreaming
Tricky - Ponderosa
Baxter - Television
Portishead - Elysium
Client - Drive
Station Break - Kraftwerk - Metal on Metal
Galaxie 500 - It's Getting Late
Slowdive - She Calls
My Bloody Valentine - Blown A Wish
Lilys - It Does Nothing for Me
Station Break - Gary Numan - Bleed
Jesus and Mary Chain - In the Black
Ministry - Revenge
Skinny Puppy - Deepdown Trauma Hounds
16 Volt - Will
Pailhead - Man Should Surrender
Damage Manual - Bagman Damage
Station Break - Coil - Box Theme
Curve - Want More Need Less
Chapterhouse - In My Arms
Cocteau Twins - From the Flagstones
Coil - The First Five Minutes After Death

Bonus Video Time: The Jesus and Mary Chain with Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval: