Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beyond the Wall of Sleep 07-20-2011

Indie, alt.country and... goth? You bet! Stream or download.

Devics - Living Behind the Sun
Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions - Sets the Blaze
Will Johnson - Just to Know What You've Been Dreaming
The Decemberists - Red Right Ankle
Whiskeytown - Desperate Ain't Lonely
Band of Annuals - Thought I'd Learned
Caitlin Cary - Withered and Died (Richard & Linda Thompson cover)
The Magnetic Fields - I Don't Want to Get Over You
Joy Division - Twenty Four Hours
The Cure - Apart
The Smiths - Rubber Ring
Fleet Foxes - Someone You'd Admire
Songs:Ohia - Darling
Okkervil River - So Come Back, I'm Waiting

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dreams in the Witch House

Okay, so there's not that many new witch house tracks in this one, but I couldn't resist the correlation. ANYway, stream or download.

K-Holes - Into Black
Eternal Summers - I'll Die Young For Rock n' Roll
Girls - Substance
Chain & the Gang - Youth Is Wasted on the Young

Station Break - M83 - Je Vous Hais Petites Filles

M83 - Graveyard Girl [Parkerlab's Dusted Remix]
ᄼᄽᄾ - Dust
Sun Glitters - Too Much to Lose
///▲▲▲\\\ (or VOID or Horse Macguyver) - How They Kill You

Station Break - ///▲▲▲\\\ - Tetanus Wine

Skinny Puppy - First Aid
Brown Recluse - Wax Fangs
Grouper - When We Fall
Tearist - Closest
Fever Ray - Concrete Walls [live]