Sunday, December 21, 2008


HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Today is the first day of Hannukkah and Christmas is not far behind. In celebration of this wonderful Yule, I have put together a holiday special featuring songs that have become near and dear to me over the years. Most of these tracks come from the three volumes of gothic Christmas music that Projekt put out ages ago. Proof that you don't have to be of a certain culture or denomination to enjoy the season and its trappings.
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Black Tape for a Blue Girl - Channukkah, O Channukkah
Sofia Run - Nerotai Hazarurim (Little Candles)
Rhea's Obsession - Huron Indian Carol
El Duende - Gaudete, Gaudete
Station Break - Julia Kent - What Child is This?
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant
Cocteau Twins - Frosty the Snowman
Rhea's Obsession w/ Athan Marou - We Three Kings
Siddal - In the Bleak Midwinter
Station Break - Lycia - O Little Town of Bethlehem
C-3PO & R2-D2 - Sleigh Ride
The Raveonettes - Come On Santa
Departure Lounge - Christmas Downer
Granddaddy - Alan Parsons in a Winter Wonderland
Belle & Sebastian - O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Love Spirals Downwards - Welcome Christmas

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant:

Jack Skellington - What's This?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It snowed. I was cranky. This was the show that ensued.
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Leonard Cohen - Avalanche
Emiliana Torrini - Stephanie Says
Pernice Brothers - Pisshole in the Snow
Sufjan Stevens - Sister Winter
Station Break - Black Tape for a Blue Girl - Beneath the Icy Floe
Belle & Sebastian - Fox in the Snow
Tori Amos - Winter
Modern English - After the Snow
Kate Bush - Under Ice
The Cure - Last Dance
Station Break - Black Tape for a Blue Girl - Beneath the Icy Floe
Regina Spektor - 20 Years of Snow
Eisley - Winter Song
Modest Mouse - The Cold Part
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - 15 Feet of Pure White Snow

This song isn't really about winter; it's about masturbation instead of reading the Bible. But it also drips with regret and twinges of guilt, so it's very wintry in that respect.

Also, the Nick Cave video for 15 Feet of Pure White Snow:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nothing to Share But Yesterday

Sorry for the delay on posting this episode. Destined to become one of my favorites, this show focuses mainly on the people who defied the status quo and thereby defined glam rock. Truly, truly out of this world.

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The Velvet Underground - I'll Be Your Mirror
David Bowie - Be My Wife
Brian Eno - Everything Merges With the Night
Roxy Music - Song for Europe
T. Rex - Life's A Gas
Station Break - David Bowie - A New Career in a New Town
Paul Williams - Phantom's Theme (Beauty and the Beast)
Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel - Sebastian
Klaus Nomi - Cold Song (Henry Purcell cover)
Station Break - David Bowie - The Weeping Wall
Shudder to Think - Hot One
London Suede - Where the Pigs Don't Fly
Morrissey - You Know I Couldn't Last
Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Midnight Radio

Klaus Nomi performs "Cold Song" live shortly before his death in 1983:

David Bowie in one of the bleakest music videos ever made: "Be My Wife". From the Low album, recorded in Berlin during Bowie's rehabilitation from drugs.