Wednesday, January 27, 2016


David Bowie meant so much to me that I cannot begin to express it vocally, in a show, or in a blog post. Or 10,000 of them. As such, I have decided I no longer wish to continue the program. Thank you to whomever or whatever has been listening these past years.
As a parting video, here's astronaut Chris Hadfield on recording "Space Oddity" on the International Space Station and Bowie's influence. Enjoy.


Maiki said...

Love every BTWoS you post up, I hope you do continue at some stage.
You've opened up so many musical doors to me.

R|P Starman.

Jen said...

I loved your show and sad to see it go. Please be well!

Unknown said...

Hey man, while I agree that Bowie's death is an unfortunate loss for music and the the end, he IS just one man/musician. I can understand being sad over it, but throwing away the whole show? Seems a bit excessive.