Friday, April 8, 2011

Music for Japan

I was in Japan back in 1996. Beautiful country full of wonderful people. Now there's something we can do to help from our computer chairs (no kidding!). PATETICO RECORDINGS will be releasing 7 Rock Back for Japan compilation albums featuring new and established shoegaze and bliss rock bands such as SPC ECO, Bliss.City.East, Ceremony, Resplandor, Plumerai, Screen Vinyl Image, Victorie & Hyde, Stellarscope, The Sky Drops, C'est La Mort and so many more. Proceeds will benefit disaster relief in Japan. Apparently there will be digital and (my favorite) physical copies available. These should be out within a few days. Keep checking for more info. I'll undoubtedly update when they're released as well.

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panophonic said...

Thank you so very much for the write up. It is greatly appreciated!

Tom Lugo